Z War 1: The Great War of the Dead: 1918 to 1927

Z War 1 is set in an alternate, diesel-punk history of World War 1, where the Great War never ended. The horrors of trench warfare have taken a supernatural turn. It’s 1918, near the end of WW1, at the start of the outbreak of the Spanish flu pandemic. However, the ‘flu’ victims start to return, as ravenous undead. A new war erupts – the living vs the dead, in the shattered wastelands and trenches, where strange gases not only kill, but reanimate the dead; otherworldly creatures stalk the haunted battlefields. A new, sinister force is at work. Someone, or something is using the undead for their own nefarious purpose.

ZWar1 is a wave based shooter / tower defence / RPG-lite, set in the highly atmospheric and evocative, diesel- punk, alternate history. Players will experience the horror of WW1 trench warfare - mud, gas, barbed wire and death. Using 3rd and 1st person POV, the player mans a heavy machine gun, and along with their squad of soldiers, players must defend their trench / position from being overrun by and onslaught of undead troops, war machines and hideous creatures.

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Ether Games have combined team Experience of 80+ Years in Mobile Gaming. The team understands mid-core gamers especially in action shooting genre. Launched and managed more than 12 games and have more than 3 Million downloads. Team understand visual aesthetics and graphic quality needed for AAA games and are successful in adapting it to Mobile.

Ether's game engine with great shooting mechanics and Intelligent AI helps to engage synchronous and asynchronous PvP. They aim at developing AAA quality mobile games for Globally across all Mobile Platforms and Steam. They have the right Core-Team/External-Teams, with years of International Experience, to create successful games. They develop high quality games at very competitive costs. Their objective is to develop Action/Shooting/Strategy genre games that compete with the best at a global level. They tailor each games where possible for maximum appeal and market penetration.

Our Growth Story

We started with casual & moved to a midcore cover shooter, with Combat Elite, published by Reliance Games. We have understood our strengths and weaknesses, especially in Design and creative strategy. We have rectified this by bringing on board a design director (Stuart Burrows with 25 years experience) and have developed ZWar1 under his direction. We have pushed the quality forward considerably to be competitive with the best in the FPS & TPS genre. We understand the opportunities of the mobile ecosystem in terms of growth demographics and their requirements and expectations in the genre, which we believe we have addressed in Z War1. There is a huge gap in mobile shooting game space (Shooting in console is a billion dollar business), either players from console are not playing in mobile or playing some other genre, so we target them with AAA console quality game to these cash rich players.

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