• Evil Rider

    + Amazing 3D graphics!
    + Play with Friends
    + Free Skulls !
    + Completely realistic physics!
    + Buy Helmet, Nitro, Extra Cover and Magnet!
    + Fun special effects!
    + Endless play!

  • Kite Runner

    Coming soon.

  • Unlock My Bag

    Coming soon.

  • Bluff

    Coming soon.

  • Track Spoiler

    Coming soon.

  • Trump

    Coming soon.

  • Evil Rider

    This game will nothing but fun. The game is totally fun, easy to play, and has pretty cool graphics. Honest. Evil Rider is a endless game. Drive as far as you can. Watch out! Try not to hit by various interesting obstacles on the way. Collect skulls to invite, challenge and bet your friends and strangers.

  • Shoot At Sight

    Shoot them all. No Looking back, just shoot them all before these fruits are going to strike you to death. Stay alert to get away from these dangerous stuff. The game level gets tougher as you move forward. Enjoy the splash and gain maximum points.

  • Ghost City

    Ghost is in the city!!!
    He hates lights and loves darkness, and is on a mission to break all the bulbs in the city. Be it in the Living rooms, Roads, Traffic Signals, Parking Lots, Sea shore or Underground Tunnels, you can't get away from it. Get ready for the dark days ahead.

  • Monsters

    Monsters are FREE, Simple and Fun game. Need to break the target to win. Monsters are fast and people who loves speed/fast and fun games would definitely love this.

  • Feather attack

    The Mogambos (Birds and Hens ) will ruin your Farm. You need to strip their feathers down to make them useless to protect your farm. Feather Attack, a simple and addictive game from Ether IT Solutions, is here to capture the gaming industry. Watch out for the Mogambos...

  • Mr Bee

    Mr. Bee is back!! With more challenges to survive as it is lost from his genus Apis. He needs to survive during Dawn with Spiders, Frogs and Bugs and at Night with Snakes, Carnivores plants, Spiders, Frogs and Bugs and more

  • Oonda

    Oonda is a complete fun game, burst all pink balloons to save yellows without taking your finger. Get ready for fun...

  • Ghost city 2

    Kindergartens are under attack. "Little Shawn", the dangerous tiny ghost, is back to the city. While in the hunt for bulbs he messes up with balls and balloons that comes in his way. He is really angry and does anything to burst out the bulbs he finds on his way. 24 levels of exclusive fun is waiting for you. Join our "Little Shawn" to get rid of the bulbs. Use your bullets carefully and gain the maximum points and collect your stars. From the makers of ghost city, yet another entertaining time killer - GHOST CITY 2!!

  • Candy boo

    Boo is on hunt for food !! Boo encounters various hurdles that comes in his path. Game gets more fun as and when you cross more distance.

  • Super Ship

    Super Ship is in unknown place called EARTH. It has lost his path and got into this alien world. Watch out for the wicked human trying to destroy your ship. Super Ship have to survive !!! Fetch the points to gain more power and fight against these cruel monsters

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