• Happy teamworkThe iphone app 'Ghost City' team at their office . On the extreme left is Gokul Elayadath and extreme right, Sharath Mohan . Photo: Thulasi Kakkat

    Enterprise is the byword here

    Gaming A group of friends wanted to do something on their own in the IT world. They did and today, they tell Shilpa Nair Anand that their game, Ghostcity, is ranked 15th among the top paid iphone game apps in India

    In the small office of Ether IT Solutions in Tripunithura was born an iphone application (app), ‘Ghostcity'. The free version of the game (Ghostcity Lite) is now ranked 11thamong the top free iphone game apps and the paid version (Ghostcity) is ranked 15thamong top paid iphone game apps in India.
    As Gokul Elayadath and Sharath Mohan (managing partners) settle down for a chat in their office they look satisfied, confidently smug. The third partner is Sujesh K.R. who is based in West Asia. One would think that both youngsters have a background in engineering. Turns out it was presumptuous. “I am an MBA and Sharath is a BCA,” says Gokul. He used to work for a bank and Sharath for a BPO.

    During recession

    They started working at Ether (which belongs to Sharath's father) in 2009 when recession was turning many lives upside down. A wrong time to quit a job one would say, but not for these enterprising young men....

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